Project Description

  • Mary Valley Rattler Railway
  • Mary Valley Rattler


What: The Mary Valley Rattler Railway
Where: Deep Creek Bridge, Crescent Road Bridge & Station Road Bridge, Gympie
When: Completed 2018
Role: Level 3 Bridge Inspections and Remediation Design

TOD Consulting was Level 3 inspector and repair-design engineer for three riveted steel bridges at the Gympie end of the route. The route is 23 kilometres long, and the three bridges were Station Rd bridge (built 1913, 11 metres long, carries 4 tracks); Crescent Rd bridge (built 1891, 12.8 metres long, carries 1 track); and Deep Creek bridge (built 1891, 182 metres long, 5 spans of riveted-steel construction, and 13 spans of timber girder construction, carries 1 track). All 3 bridges were over 100 years old, and maintenance had become irregular after the main North Coast Railway was diverted around to the east of Gympie in the late 1980s.