Which truck was my concrete bridge designed to carry (in Queensland, Australia)?

WHICH TRUCK WAS MY CONCRETE BRIDGE DESIGNED TO CARRY (IN QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA)? Chris Dowding, Director - Structures Group TOD Consulting, March, 2017 Update Revsion B, April, 2017 Sometimes, the old drawings for a concrete bridge cannot be found. Sometimes, the specific drawing sheet or specification, indicating the design load, has gone missing. How can [...]

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Handrail Design in Australia – Which Standard do I use?

HANDRAIL DESIGN IN AUSTRALIA - WHICH STANDARD DO I USE? chris dowding - monday, march 20, 2017 When specifying any handrail, in our opinion it's very important to: a) nominate the required design load; and b) to nominate a design geometry that minimises safety risks for the people who are going to use the [...]

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