Project Description


Munna Point Bridge

What: Repairs to widespread Concrete Cancer in 106m long bridge – ASR and chlorides
Where: Noosa Parade, Noosaville
When: 2016
Budget: $3million
Role: Structural investigation, Reference Repair design, Prepare D&C Performance Specification, Superintendency of Construction


Winner – 2016 IPWEAQ Awards (Projects $2 to $5 million)


Munna Point Bridge facilitates Noosa’s economy as a lifestyle and tourism destination. Over 1.8 million trips in each direction are made across the bridge every year, by tourists and locals.

In the 1990’s, large cracks appeared.  Early consultants identified the cause as chloride attack and alkali silica reaction (ASR).  Later consultants concluded that the service life of the 106 metre bridge would end in 2013, and a $6 to 8 million plan was drafted to replace the full substructure.

In 2014, Noosa Shire Council and TOD Consulting’s engineers re-investigated. We prepared a new plan with Council to extend the bridge life by 50 years, by repairing it. Marine & Civil Maintenance were engaged, and with their specialist structural and durability consultants, they repaired the bridge for less than $3 million.

Safety: The remediated bridge will safely support the $600 million tourism industry

Environment: The saving in materials and energy means that 77% less carbon dioxide has been released into the atmosphere

Bottom line: $3 million is a big saving for Council and Noosa’s ratepayers